Are you looking for the best way to repair your car engine without having to struggle much? Well, the only way to archive this is by buying the best topside creeper. Although there are so many companies that deal with the manufacture of these topside creepers, you could find the best one if you are informed about the features you should be looking for. Since, December 2014 when Traxion 3-100 Foldable Topside Creeper was launched, many people have shifted their attention towards this best topside creeper. What is so important about it?


Adjustable heightTraxion 3-100 Foldable Topside Creeper

To be able to access all the parts of the engine, you will need to look for the best topside creeper which can work at different heights. This topside creeper is quite effective and can allow you to work without inconveniences. Based on its height which can be adjusted from 52-72 inches, you will be able to work any car engine even if you are short. Another advantage of this topside creeper is that you can be increased in inches.

Padded deckTraxion 3-100 Foldable Topside Creeper

There are those mechanics who may have some health problem, especially with their spinal cord. The good thing is that when you have this best topside creeper, you will work comfortably for a long time without fatigue. This is made possible with its padded deck that is made of soft material that gives you a place to rest on while working. If you have used it for too long and you feel like you should clean it, just remove the deck and make the creeper look new again.

Folding unitsTraxion 3-100 Foldable Topside Creeper

To carter for our workshop space and to give you the easiest way of keeping the creeper, you will find it very effective. All its units fold away and allow you to store it even in the smallest available space. Do not have to worry if you are much concerned with weight for its only 72 pounds. So whether you are planning to keep it in your car or in the garage, choices are yours. But remember, you will not have space limitation.

Four casters and two locking castersTraxion 3-100 Foldable Topside Creeper

The importance of machines is to make work easy and to be more flexible. Just imagine you are working on a sensitive part of the engine and you have to move a little to reach the other part, will you have to come down from the creeper and move it so that you can reach your target area? Well, with a topside creeper like this designed with 4 casters that can allow you to move around when you are on it, you will find it very convenient. The 2 locking casters ensure your position is locked and you cannot fall or move from the position you had set.

Pros of the productTraxion 3-100 Foldable Topside Creeper

• Easy to mount.
• Fold away to minimize on storage space.
• That height can be adjusted for convenience.
• It has a padded deck which improves comfort.
• The 2 locking caster provide safety.

Customer reviews and scores

Based on Amazon topside creeper reviews, Traxion 3-100 Foldable Topside Creeper seems to be the best choice for many customers. This creeper has been rated with 228 customers and it still retains an overall rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars. A sign of a perfect product that meets the expectation of customers.

Cons of product

As much as many people prefer it as the best topside creeper, there are still some areas which the company needs to perfect on The major company here is that the creeper does not fold effectively. This may have been caused by holes that were drilled incorrectly. This can be improved when the company becomes more accurate. It is also costly compared to other creepers in the market.

ConclusionTraxion 3-100 Foldable Topside Creeper

Traxion 3-100 Foldable Topside Creeper comes with a lifetime warranty but if you need more information, you can check on the Amazon warranty page.


The Thule cargo box is stylish and also a functional easy to use best rooftop cargo box and a true definition of value and space. It is usually placed on top of cars as a way of expanding the storage space in your car while going for journeys or even family trips. It has a slight difference from the rest of the Thule cargo boxes.


The cargo box is mounted on top of cars easily by knocking the hooks of the cargo box onto the metals on top of the car and afterward fastening it tightly to prevent it from falling during traveling and its fast grip makes it easier.


Some of the features of the Thule cargo box black include:

  1. The presence of a diamond textured aero skin which is durable and gives it a more attractive look.
  2. The presence of an aerodynamic shape helps the rooftop cargo box to be able to cut through the air.
  3. It has dual side openings bringing about convenience since the user is able to access it from any side they desire. You can load and unload from the side of your choice.
  4. It has a quick grip mounting system whereby you can attach the box very quickly without the presence of a user guide.
  5. Presence of a slide secure lock which is easy to grasp even with clothes on your hands. It ensures the security of the box.
  6. It is highly weatherproof such that when it rains your items won’t get wet.
  7. It has a matte black finish which is really cool especially for black lovers.


  1. It is found in a variety of sizes ie. It has three standardized size category which helps determine which is the right size for the user ie. Alpine(11-12 cubic feet), XX large-XXL( 21-22 cubic feet), and there is also the X large-XL large(16-17 cubic feet)
  2. It has racks which are compatible and they can help you separate some items from others.
  3. It is easy to mount on the car and does not require special skills or even a worker to help you mount it due to its grip.
  4. It is very spacious hence increases the storage space by a large percentage.


According to cargo box reviews on Amazon, the customers think that the product is awesome for a family trip, others think that it is very reliable during all types of weather(all-weather cargo box) while some others have used it for more than two years and it still thinks it looks good. This just shows how worth it is to have such a cargo box for sale. Some others think it looks and feels awesome while others think that it is a good quality brand. There were a total of 386 reviews with a score of about 4.4/5 star rating which is a good rating since it is above the 70% mark.


The Thule force cargo box black has no known cons as reviewed by some of its users.


There is assured replacement of a spoiled product of the Thule cargo box. If your box is spoilt Thule will help repair the product within thirty days without extra charges and if it is impossible to repair the product then your cargo box will be replaced. However, it is also possible to receive a refund for the box if needed.


The Thule force cargo box black is a good product and has a good market due to its features like the aerodynamic shape, the diamond-textured aero skin and also its easy to grip feature. According to cargo box reviews, the product is on top of the market list of cargo boxes because it is usually tailored to suit the user’s needs. If one was to ask me for a cargo box worth money I would recommend the Thule force cargo box black.