IntroductionJEGS Performance Products 90098

Rooftop cargo boxes are designed to provide you with an extra space on the rooftop of your car where you can always place your extra cargo. JEGS Performance Products 90098 among the common cargo boxes that are used by the majority of people in the road. It is constructed with high technology that will ensure your box are fully safe and cannot be affected by varying weather conditions. By using this product, you will find out that the mounting process is very easy and can work with any car.

Highlight feature

1. High-density polyethylene with an added UV inhibitor

JEGS Performance Products 90098This product has been manufactured with a polyethylene material and an ultra-violent inhibitor so that it cannot be affected by the varying weather condition. This material makes JEGS Performance Products 90098 a special cargo box with the ability to serve you for a longer period of time if you will be traveling during rainy or sunny seasons

2. Aerodynamic design

If you need to minimize the amount of fuel to use when you are traveling with your luggage, then you should know that this cargo box is designed with an aerodynamic shape that will minimize the wind drug hence reduces the amount of fuel that is consumed. This box is very significant to any long distance traveler because of high-quality bee lashes that adequately seal your box. This implies that your property will always be safe.

3. Covered locks

Just like you always ensure you lock your door when you are leaving, this box is manufactured with an intention to provide high security for your goods it comes. When you purchase it, you will find a security lock that is built in and keys which you can always use to lock your box to provide extra maximum security.

4. Limited lifetime warranty

People always enjoy purchasing items that they are very much confident of. But sometimes we may buy those that have some shortcomings or of lower standard different from your expectation. But with this kind of box, be sure that a lifetime warranty is always offered to which help you get the best rooftop cargo box.

5. A capacity of 18 cubic feet

JEGS Performance Products 90098With volume capacity of 18 cubic feet, your family will be able to park all of their luggage and still remain with a spacious space in your care where they can sit comfortably. You do not have to complain of having any space in your care while you can purchase this box and mount it on your car for an extra room.

Pros of the productJEGS Performance Products 90098

  • The round-square design gives it an advantage of compatibility with any car
  • Mounting it on the car is fast and easy since it requires no tool for setting it
  • High-density polyethylene material makes this cargo box durable
  • It is spacious enough to accommodate a volume of 18 cubic feet.
  • With the lock system present for this box, it proves to be more secure.

Customer reviews and scores

JEGS Performance Products 90098 has been purchased by many customers from Amazon. Some of them gave their feedback on the average performance of this box. There are 74 customers who reviewed this product on Amazon giving it an average score of 4.4 stars out of 5 stars. The higher percentage have rated it with 5 stars indicating they are satisfied with the product. Indeed this is a good cargo carrier that you can save you when you will be carrying your luggage.

Cons of product

As much as security improvement to this box was concerned, some customers complained that accessing the box may be tiresome in case you happen to misplace the key. But this is not a great issue of concern since you always have an extra pair to keep you free from such experiences.


JEGS Performance Products 90098If you had never thought of buying a cargo box for sale, then you need to help yourself with this product. This is because you will be able to enjoy the advantage of owning a rooftop cargo carrier. Increase your car space, travel safe and avoid wasting more fuel due to air drug. You order your JEGS Performance Products 90098 cargo carrier today on Amazon. 


The Thule cargo box is stylish and also a functional easy to use best rooftop cargo box and a true definition of value and space. It is usually placed on top of cars as a way of expanding the storage space in your car while going for journeys or even family trips. It has a slight difference from the rest of the Thule cargo boxes.


The cargo box is mounted on top of cars easily by knocking the hooks of the cargo box onto the metals on top of the car and afterward fastening it tightly to prevent it from falling during traveling and its fast grip makes it easier.


Some of the features of the Thule cargo box black include:

  1. The presence of a diamond textured aero skin which is durable and gives it a more attractive look.
  2. The presence of an aerodynamic shape helps the rooftop cargo box to be able to cut through the air.
  3. It has dual side openings bringing about convenience since the user is able to access it from any side they desire. You can load and unload from the side of your choice.
  4. It has a quick grip mounting system whereby you can attach the box very quickly without the presence of a user guide.
  5. Presence of a slide secure lock which is easy to grasp even with clothes on your hands. It ensures the security of the box.
  6. It is highly weatherproof such that when it rains your items won’t get wet.
  7. It has a matte black finish which is really cool especially for black lovers.


  1. It is found in a variety of sizes ie. It has three standardized size category which helps determine which is the right size for the user ie. Alpine(11-12 cubic feet), XX large-XXL( 21-22 cubic feet), and there is also the X large-XL large(16-17 cubic feet)
  2. It has racks which are compatible and they can help you separate some items from others.
  3. It is easy to mount on the car and does not require special skills or even a worker to help you mount it due to its grip.
  4. It is very spacious hence increases the storage space by a large percentage.


According to cargo box reviews on Amazon, the customers think that the product is awesome for a family trip, others think that it is very reliable during all types of weather(all-weather cargo box) while some others have used it for more than two years and it still thinks it looks good. This just shows how worth it is to have such a cargo box for sale. Some others think it looks and feels awesome while others think that it is a good quality brand. There were a total of 386 reviews with a score of about 4.4/5 star rating which is a good rating since it is above the 70% mark.


The Thule force cargo box black has no known cons as reviewed by some of its users.


There is assured replacement of a spoiled product of the Thule cargo box. If your box is spoilt Thule will help repair the product within thirty days without extra charges and if it is impossible to repair the product then your cargo box will be replaced. However, it is also possible to receive a refund for the box if needed.


The Thule force cargo box black is a good product and has a good market due to its features like the aerodynamic shape, the diamond-textured aero skin and also its easy to grip feature. According to cargo box reviews, the product is on top of the market list of cargo boxes because it is usually tailored to suit the user’s needs. If one was to ask me for a cargo box worth money I would recommend the Thule force cargo box black.