Cargo transportation is a very challenging task. It requires deep pre-planning before the journey. There are different ways to transport your cargo with a personal car One, use the car boot or car’s couriers. Most modern cars don’t come with a pre-installed best rooftop cargo box. Therefore, at one time, the owner will be required to buy the best cargo box for his car. The market is flooded with many version of rooftop cargo carriers. Before buying this product, it is advisable to read a number of cargo box reviews. The Thule motion XT rooftop cargo carrier is one of the most outstanding in the market. It is characterized by superior features and user-friendliness. Below is a review is this fantastic product.

Key features of the product

Secure slide lock system

The product’s most special feature is the secure slide lock system. This system is made of separate opening and closing functions. It is fully automated. It automatically closes the lid with initiated. The system also indicates when the lid is closed and when it is open.

The rear of the car access

Thule motion XT rooftop cargo carrierThis is a feature that most rooftop carriers don’t possess. When using this product one can comfortably use the rear of the car without any obstruction from the carrier. The Thule motion XT rooftop cargo carrier is designed so as to be fitted at a forward position of the car This enables full truck access without any risk of contact with the cargo box.

Dual opening sides

Thule motion XT rooftop cargo carrierThis is another very outstanding feature of the product. The product can be opened from both sides. It is fitted with grip-friendly outer handles that makes it easy to open and close the box. In addition, the product is fitted with supporting lid-lifters.

Variation in colors and sizes

The products come with a variety of colors to satisfy customers of different preferences. It has three variations of sizes, L, XL, and XXL. Depending on the size of the car, a customer can choose among any of the three variations. The L, XL, and XXL are available in glossy black and titan colors. The alpine size is available in glossy black and white although for a limited period of time

Pros of the productsThule motion XT rooftop cargo carrier

Many customers have indicated that the product is strong in the following ways:

It is light but very strong:It is because it is made of fiberglass. This material enables the product to have a durable life spell.

It is very quiet in use while driving: you are hardly going to notice the presence of the cargo box. Normally cargo box makes a lot of noise that makes it very hard to listen to a radio while driving.

Easy to install: You don’t require to visit a mechanic to have the product installed. Thanks to the power click quick mount system. One user was surprised by the fact that installation actually took less than 5 minutes.

Weather tight: The product can be used in rainy seasons and in sunny seasons. The product is streamed lined and therefore can be used in windy weather conditions.

Customer reviews and scores

This product has scored a 4.5-star score out of 5. A total number of 82 customers have used and reviewed the product. Many of the customers are convinced that the product is worth the investment. a good number of the customers have rated the product as a five-star product.

Cons of the product

A few customers have reported the following cons of the products:

  • The product is expensive
  • Sometimes it is hard to open and close the product due to non-familiarity with the product.
  • Some complained of bad shipment of the product

Although the product has recorded a few cons, they arise from the users’ unfamiliarity with the product. None of the cons can be attributed to the design or features of the product.

In conclusion

whenever you come across some cargo box for sale, the Thule motion XT rooftop cargo carrier is a product you cannot afford to ignore. It has superior features like the automated, double opening lids and the complete access to the rear of the car Customers have reviewed the product as a superior product that every car owner should consider buying.